Application to exhibit at Tacit is as straightforward as we can make it.
  • Simply email up to 5 images of work, preferably of work proposed to be included in the exhibition (or, if you haven't made it yet, images of recent work).
  • Provide an exhibiting cv and an indication of the preferred gallery/galleries along with dates (we suggest you provide optional dates and gallery preference as schedules below show only confirmed exhibitions).
  • If it's a group exhibition, provide a short exhibition statement/proposal along with details of all proposed artists.
And that's basically it. We will want to meet and discuss with you your proposal prior to a final decision being made.

Floor Plan & Rates, 2018

(4 weeks unless otherwise specified)

Availability, 2018

Schedule below represents confirmed bookings only - there are many 'pencilled' exhibitions awaiting confirmation.
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Availability, 2019

TACIT GALLERY 2018 (24 June)page4

All exhibitions run for 4 weeks in Rotations A and B unless otherwise specified in the schedule. The three galleries in Rotation C are flexible and can be for 2 or 4 weeks as per the schedule above.

Openings in Rotation A are 2 weeks apart from Rotation B.

Prices specified above are for the full 4 weeks (unless otherwise indicated) and include install, curation, Opening Night expenses (wine/water; staffing; glasses; set up and clearance), design/print of DL invitations, staffing during standard opening hours (11am-5pm, Wed-Sun). All exhibitions open on a Wednesday evening as specified in the above schedule.

Tacit Galleries promotes the exhibitions through Social Media (Facebook and Instagram in particular), Tacit Galleries website as well as line listings in Art Almanac and Art Guide alongside press releases. Display advertising is the financial responsibility of the artist - as a result, this is an optional cost. We will design (free of charge) all display adverts and deal directly with the publishing outlet on behalf of the artist. Such adverts follow Tacit Galleries templated design.

We welcome/encourage 'meet the artists' or 'artist's talks' during the course of the exhibitions although there is no expectation that the artist will sit the venue - Tacit Galleries staff look after the exhibitions, dealing with all enquiries and sales. Tacit takes a 20% commission on all sales.

All artist's must provide either an ABN number or, to prevent a withholding tax of 46.5% on monies owed for any sales of more than $100 in total as decreed by the ATO, sign a Statement by a Supplier exemption form.

Fees include:

  • Exclusive exhibition in the specific gallery for duration of the hire period
  • Curation, installation and hanging of exhibition (Sunday prior to launch night)
  • Staffing of exhibition and gallery during standard opening hours (11am - 5pm, Wednesday-Sunday)
  • Staffing on opening launch night
  • Catering costs of launch including staffing, glassware, wine and soft drinks
  • Line listing in Art Almanac
  • Print of launch invitation and flyer
  • Viral distribution of DL invitation to extensive mailing list
  • Home Page promotion on Tacit website along with bespoke exhibition page and artist page
  • Facebook promotion
  • Dealing with all sales and enquiries related to the exhibition

Fees exclude:

  • Transportation of works to and from the gallery
  • Insurance of artworks
  • Display advertising (gallery will design layout of magazine and newspaper advertising free of charge)
  • Distribution of launch invitation and flyer
  • Restoration of space to pre-exhibition level
  • Design/print of promotional collateral other than outlined above (service offered at extra cost)

Terms and conditions:

  • Exhibitions run from Wed-Sun including the launch night on the first Wednesday of the first week’s hire
  • Any unframed or unstretched work must be agreed in advance. Blu-Tac is not acceptable as the sole hanging method.
  • All worked must be ready to hang to the system installed in the gallery - including wires and D-hooks on the back of works. Where the work is small and/or exceptionally light, please provide Command 3M Poster Strips (available from Bunnings or Officeworks) rather than spend time screwing hooks into the back of the frames!
  • Work to be exhibited must have been created no less than 2 years prior to the opening of the exhibition unless agreed in advance. We are not a gallery where 'dusting off works sitting in the shed for a number of years' is encouraged. Exceptions are few and far between but we do accept an exhibition where older work may be a key piece to the current aesthetic.
  • Final decision of hanging and inclusion/exclusion of artwork remains with Tacit Galleries.
  • A non-refundable deposit of 30% of overall hire fee and payable on confirmation of booking with full settlement due 60 days prior to the opening of the exhibition.
  • Group exhibitions count as one booking - we do not divide walls for individual artists in advance of the installation. A single title for the exhibition is required and whilst Tacit Galleries will divide invoices, overall costs are the responsibility of the exhibiting artists (eg if there are 6 artists involved in the original booking but one drops out, the remaining 5 are responsible for the full costs)
  • A commission of 20% is taken by Tacit Galleries on all sales