DAVIS She Walks, February 2017, 52cm diameter, Oil and Charcoal on Gessoed Paper WEB

I'm Not Done

Charley-Lois Davis


5 - 23 April 2017

Opening Wednesday 5 April, 6.30-8pm

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In 2015, at a point in my life where I had found what I thought was my life-calling purpose, I became too unwell to pursue my dream career in the medical field. Over time I came to realise that what I thought would be a brief interlude to my studies would become a life-changing undoing. I resisted and fought. However, medicine failed me for many months and now only gets me so far. For a while it felt as though almost everything had been taken away from me. The stigma I felt and witnessed that shrouds people with chronic and mental illness was more painful than the migraine I have had for almost two years.

At some point I decided that if I couldn’t have the career that I wanted, that I was going to do something about the degrading, damaging and insidious perception of people who live with stigmatised medical conditions. And I painted.

These works are moments of my life unfolded with a hand sometimes numb, sometimes prickling, and sometimes shaking. I have painted in pain both physical and emotional - and I see that pain looking back at me. I have painted with a sense of hope and elevation and I have painted with anger and conviction. And when I step back and see my work for the first time, I see myself looking back.

Millions of Australians live with a mental illness. Millions live with debilitating invisible conditions. Thousands will pass away or suffer needlessly because they are made to feel selfish, weak, damaged, deviant or unwanted. I hope that you see the sincerity of my intentions in my work. But what I fiercely want is for people to shift their view of stigmatised medical conditions and stand up for the people who need them. I don’t believe that is too much to ask for.

This exhibition is especially dedicated to those who live or have lived with personality disorders, dissociative identity disorder, schizophrenia and psychosis.

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