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Being Me(n)

Maria Davina Sirpis

Peter Mac Project Space

23 August - 10 September 2017

Opening Wednesday 23 August, 6.30-8pm

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I am interested in encapsulating the many facets of a person’s character - the parts that one struggles with and the parts they are proud of, the parts they chose to show to the world and the parts that are kept hidden. A recurring theme in my art is this universal tension between seeking to be one’s authentic and true self - alongside both a desire to be accepted and a fear or awareness of the possibility of being rejected. In a sense, this tension of drives perpetuates vulnerability - to be able to express and show your true colours in such a way that is bold enough and courageous enough to withstand criticism. And I mean not only withstanding criticism in a defensive “fuck you then” stance, but shining your inner unique self so brightly that criticism falls off and burns out before it permeates. I suppose this is what I imagine Liberation to be, personal freedom.

I’m not sure but I hope that I shine like I could,
I’m not sure that I am living in the way that I would
if I truly knew how precious and fleeting life was.
I strive to be this ‘alive’ every day.

This series of works in Being Me(n) is a celebration of men, beauty, playfulness, vulnerability and difference. The inspiration for these drawings has come from photos men post of themselves on Instagram. I love the boldness of the photos that are posted publicly on social media; images of love, sex, passion and self-expression. The images I selected are of men who seem to have this air of Liberation about them - they appear to be revelling in themselves. I am inspired by people who challenge gender stereotypes and have the freedom and confidence to be who they truly want to be, even in the face of what may at times be a critical and judgemental society.


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