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Friends and Beasts

Christine Goerner


5 - 23 April 2017

Opening Wednesday 5 April, 6.30-8pm

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Since I can remember, I’ve had an affinity with animals. When I was a child, my grandfather and I would play with the animals (real and imaginary) in the paddock next door to our house. We would give them names and create stories about them. This affinity has re-emerged in recent years while I search for intriguing subject matter in my pursuit of the craft of digital photography. So now photographing wildlife and nature has – not surprisingly – become a passion.

I love capturing the moment of engagement. That intimate timeframe when an animal’s gaze meets mine and there is a connection made – no matter how fleeting. It’s an extraordinary sense of emotion and I try and show that moment in these images.

I’ve chosen to show these prints in black and white. To me, monochrome provides a sense of quiet and enhances the feeling of timelessness. There is nothing to detract from the moment.

Animals wear such interesting costumes that can show exquisite details, no matter how beastly they seem and this fascinates me. I love to discover the textures and patterns that present themselves in feathers, fur, skin and scales. A part of this exhibition celebrates these details in a series of abstract black and white photographic images.

The animals in this exhibition were photographed at various locations, including France – and closer to home in Australia. Wolgan Valley and the Southern Highlands in New South Wales, the Sunshine Coast hinterland, King Valley in Victoria, Tasmania and local zoos – all presented wonderful subjects.

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