DERRYN TAL - Gardens of the Gods – Nature’s Tapestry 1W


Derryn Tal

G4 & G5

1 - 12 March 2017

Opening Wednesday 1 March, 6.30-8pm
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Derryn Tal is a Sydney-based abstract contemporary artist whose practice is based on alchemy and art: her interest lies in the discovery and the orchestration of reactions between mediums. As a result, Derryn works with and across various mediumsincluding synthetic polymer, oil glazes, inks, reacting agents and bitumen - her art is a reflection of their ’cause and effect’.

“I endeavor to create a powerful recipe with an atypical choice of ingredients – a combination of out of the ordinary, unconventional mediums, exploring layers, textures and colours. My artwork navigates the ‘traveller’ through paths and passages, light and dark, place and time, and, ultimately, my personal journey becomes yours.”
(Derryn Tal, January 2017)

In her first exhibition at Tacit Contemporary Art, Layers, Derryn has incorporated two bodies of work - Gardens of the Gods and Path & Passage.

Gardens of the Gods specifically emphasises our changing environment, focusing on fauna and flora. As our contemporary world continuously interrupts and deters nature’s progress, Mother Nature is able to exude a powerful force as it thrives and adapts, despite being oppressed. Nature itself proves that through adversity, beauty can flourish. Nature shows us with regrowth, rebirth and revitalisation we can rise above challenges. Through hardship and darkness, the light can shine to reveal our inner essence.

Path & Passage takes the viewer through a labyrinth of the past to the here and now and into the unknown, unravelling layers at each turn, reflecting our own encounters as well as our dynamic and eternally evolving world.

Born in South Africa, trained at the Sydney College of the Arts (University of Sydney), Derryn Tal has an extensive exhibiting history both nationally and internationally. Solo exhibitions include Stanley Street, Blender, Momo and Depot Galleries (Sydney) and Span Galleries (Melbourne): group shows include Mary Place, Stanley Street, S H Ervin and Washhouse Galleries (Sydney), Agora Gallery (New York) and the Sydney Affordable Art Show.
Derryn has been a finalist in numerous prizes, including the Paddington Art Prize, the Portia Geach Portrait Prize, Salon des Refuses and Artbeat. In 2009, she was awarded the Premio Ercole D’Este award for contemporary art at the Trevisan International Art Exhibition in Italy.

Her works are held in the collections of the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Artlease Hong Kong, Synergy Australia, Designer Rugs and private collections in Australia, South Africa, USA, Israel, the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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