Rocks & River

Graham McKenzie

Thursday 28 September - Sunday 5 November 2017

Opening Thursday 28 September, 6.30-8pm

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For most of my work over the last three or four decades, it has been an exploration of specific landscapes across Australia. In each series I have dealt with, I explore the spontaneous reactions and perceptions I have when first encountering the locations I have painted. Through this process I hope to challenge the viewer to personally understand and acknowledge his or her own perceptions as to the meaning of beauty found in every landscape. It is not my intention to paint beautiful representations but rather to explain that beauty is an open interpretation for all of us. Nature will always be more beautiful than paintings or photographs, so spend some time and visit your own memories of landscapes.

The works is this exhibition are centered on three different locations. The Rock paintings explore two different landscapes containing Dog Rocks at Batesford close to Geelong and Harcourt North in central Victoria. In the first group, the rocks appear to be ‘pushing up’ from the surrounding open land and subsequently they are not as threatening, whereas the second group is from a landscape where the rocks are much larger and almost completely exposed, appearing as if they could easily roll away between the trees.

The paintings from third location, the Towamba River in southeastern NSW, relate to the floods that quite regularly occur each year. The flooding is a natural occurrence that provides a different interpretation to the meaning of beauty in nature. I use multiple views in this group to encourage the viewer to move around each location.

Each natural element within any of these paintings is itself, and nothing more. I don’t wont to tell the viewer what to see, that is your choice, so I hope they encourage you to use your senses and experience seeing.

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