A Changing Land

Annabelle Hale

2 - 20 August 2011
Opening Tuesday 2 August, 6-8pm

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Annabelle Hale’s photographic work is inspired by the natural landscape, mythology and the relationship between the two. Interested by the idea of transformation and change, her debut solo exhibition presents work from three different series connected through similar concepts.

The first series, The Crossing Place, consists of eight images based upon the idea of liminal spaces, of a ‘between’ space between worlds where things begin to transform and change.

The second series, Enuma Elis, is based upon a Babylonian creation myth of the same name that describes the beginning of the world as the mingling of the waters of deities – the creation and transformation of the world from chaos to form.

As yet untitled, the third series observes the regrowth and/or rebirth of plant life from the aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires in Kinglake National Park.

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