Crash, Smash & Pash III

Lyn Temby

8 February - 5 March 2011
Opening Tuesday 8 February, 6-8pm

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Crash: I was in a car crash: I have brain injuries: I have major depression.
Smash: I smashed my way through rehabilitation, smashing many bottles, mirrors, tiles, plates, anything shiny.
Pash: I have a massive passion for my art work. My art work keeps me on this earth.

”Most people would attend a class or two or study for a visual arts degree at university to gain the knowledge and skills to do their art. Lyn is a little unconventional. She did it the hard way by becoming the unwilling participant in a car accident from which she was fortunate to survive. To assist with her recovery, Lyn needed something to do; therapy she calls it.

Starting from scratch with her chosen media, mosaics, and a body and brain that needed considerable coaxing, she set out to find a way back to her old self as much as finding her skills in this new interest. What has emerged from this journey is a person who not only found her capacity for living but a means of expressing what she is and how she view’s the world.

When you view Lyn’s amazing and magical work you will catch a glimpse of two people among the intricacy of the elaborate designs Her mirrored pieces will allow you to see yourself as part of the art, as if it was made just for you. If you persist, you will see that the mosaic also reflects the very nature of the artist. There is a story within each piece. It’s Lyn’s story but a story that has relevance to us all. Lyn’s work is not only an expression of her feelings and emotions but a demonstration of her persistence, tenacity and love for life. Lyn, in re-discovering herself and discovering her art, has found the beauty within herself and a way of sharing that with us all. Lyn has taken the term ‘emerging’ artist to a new level and, like the Phoenix emerging from the fire she has given life to herself and brought beauty to us all.”
Tom Dinning is a writer, photographer and education advisor for the Northern Territory Education Resource for the Visually Impaired.

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