Juliet Corkhill, Ana-Maria Espinoza & Rosemary Harris-Arnott

29 November - 18 December 2011
Opening Tuesday 29 November, 6-8pm

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Juliet Corkhill

CORKHILL 2011 #5
Juliet is an artist and printmaker. Her art practice draws on a love of the land. Having lived in country Victoria for many years, she spent time exploring bushland and observing nature and which has influenced the choice of her subjects. The unique details of trees, leaves and fruits have inspired the recent works; the medium of printmaking focuses on texture and design, watercolour allowing a focus on the subtleties of colour.

Throughout Juliet’s art practice she has explored the interplay between landscape and body through printmaking, drawing, painting and collage, and combinations of these mediums.

Juliet and Rosemary Harris-Arnott met at art school many years ago and have been firm friends ever since. They share a mutual love of art and the environment and met Ana-Maria Espinoza whilst taking a course in botanical art. The decision to hold an exhibition stemmed from their friendship and mutual appreciation of each other’s work.

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Ana-Maria Espinoza

ESPINOZA 2011 #1
Ana Maria worked as a graphic designer for many years before making the decision to focus on fine art.

She was particularly moved by an emotional response to nature when first arriving in Australia from Colombia and her native Chile. The intensity of the blue of the sky and the green of the foliage held her in awe.

Ana Maria chooses her subjects by the emotion provoked by the rhythmic pattern of leaves and stems, no matter how simple or unimportant these may seem. She collects specimens when walking through parks and gardens. An encounter with the marvel of a complex blossom is a private experience.

Painting subjects from nature demand great concentration throughout the entire process, from the sketches to the final painting. During that time changes can happen to the subject, including their gradual decay. Ana Maria is drawn to the challenge of creating an elegant composition from the unpredictable.

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Rosemary Harris-Arnott

Rosemary Harris-Arnott 'Nest' copy 2
Rosemary is a graphic designer and commercial illustrator working in her studio, Designhaus, in Melbourne. Throughout her career she has blurred the boundaries between design and art, bringing a finely balanced aesthetic sense to both her professional commissions and her personal work.

She has worked as a graphic designer in Australia and the UK, and from packaging for international cosmetics companies to designing rugs, her work has won international recognition and industry awards. As a fine artist and illustrator, Rosemary has experimented with many techniques and has exhibited in photography, naive painting and digital illustration.

Her passion for the outdoors and her love of birds had led to the work in this exhibition. The lino cuts, with their attention to detail and intimate knowledge of the subjects, are another expression of her interest in the graphic possibilities of the medium.

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