Here & There

Stephanie Jane Rampton

18 October - 6 November 2011
Opening Tuesday 18 October, 6-8pm

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The UK-born Melbourne resident, Stephanie Jane Rampton is an artist and printmaker.

In her exhibition Here & There, Stephanie Jane exhibits an extensive series of prints based on her study of trees: the tree in its landscape; the pattern and weave of naked branches; the seeming repetition of shape and form.

“Since coming to Australia I have been drawn to the local landscape and trees, yet childhood memories of bare trees in an English winter landscape still have a strong impact upon the way I approach my work.

“Why trees as my subject? Perhaps it’s for the sense of solitude, calm, tranquility and natural balance. But then again, what of the similarities between them and us? The older we get, the more interesting we become.

“Or is it because trees are benevolent spirits providing the air we breathe and bodily sustenance; a handy metaphor for childhood, growth and protection?

“The process of printmaking engrosses me, from filing and smoking the plates to the magical moment of lifting the first proof: my fascination and interest in exploring possibilities lead me to experiment and combine different intaglio techniques.

“Everything is a bit of a surprise; left-hand drawing becomes right-hand composition. You don’t really know what you’ve got until the very final moment and, even then, no two prints are the same. The whole deal is a collaboration of artist and process – that’s exciting!”

Stephanie’s works are to be found in the National Gallery of Australia, the Australian Print Workshop and in private collections in Australia, Hong Kong, the UK and Europe.

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