Phantasy & Reality

T J Bateson, Gillian Fletcher, Keith Lawrence, Shane Tas & Nicholas Walton-Healey

19 January - 5 February 2011
Opening Thursday 20 January, 6-8pm

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T J Bateson

Veiled Pixels,the suite of works exhibited in this group show,revisits T J Bateson’s earlier obsession with the collage of photographic imagery and the artist’s mark. This layering fuses abstract fields of pixels referencing a digital and temporal world with veiled sexualised images of self.

Gillian Fletcher

Sometimes darkness reveals while light conceals... Light Blindness, Night Vision is a series of silent, enigmatic photographs in which the subject is essentially the medium of light itself.

Gillian Fletcher’s haunting and beautiful urban landscapes offer the viewer space for interpretation and contemplation.

Keith Lawrence

Water takes on, inhabits, reflects, distorts and transforms its immediate environment.

Often considered and understood as a transparent, somewhat invisible, substance, Keith Lawrence, through his photographic works, freezes moments of time, capturing water in a singular frame. In Wet, his work paints a vertical representation of the common yet precious substance.

Nicholas Walton-Healey & Shane Tas

Flowers small
Sleeping Beauty is a series of photographic works which reanimate the site of the fairytale from a queer perspective.

Beauty as a catalyst for recurring themes – of love, death, jealousy – is reconfigured in these works, which challenge the heteronormative ideologies inherent within the classic fairytale narrative.

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Phantasy & Reality is a Midsumma-curated exhibition.