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Earth to Sky

Tracy Lewis

24 April - 13 May 2012
Opening Tuesday 24 April, 6-8pm

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My main inspiration is nature and the landscape, in particular the diverse landscapes of where I live in East Gippsland.

I simply paint what I like, whether it is the rolling green hills, stormy skies, ploughed fields, the ocean, rock formations, rivers; there is so much to choose from.

Sometimes I will have underlying themes to my landscapes such as the passing of time - I like to paint the same scene at different times of the day or seasons or to include the remnants of a disused building to reflect time as in things abandoned and no longer used. Here I also comment on environmental concerns and our use and neglect of the environment, also evident by the weather, another important theme and how it is changing due to our impact on the earth.I  am also inspired by the streets at night, especially on a foggy night with the surreal colours, creepy trees in moonlight and a small light from a distant house or a street corner and so on. I am continually inspired by what is in my own “backyard”.

I love painting in oils (especially big canvases), exploring with textures and different media on canvas such as sand, muslin, straw, bitumen paint, oil sticks etc. I also like to play with a variety of media on paper.

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