Mystère Trois

Will Athanasakis, Rebekah Banks & Patrick Willems

15 May - 3 June 2012
Opening Tuesday 15 May, 6-8pm
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Will Athanasakis

Will's photographs are an oblique but veiled capturing of everyday, unremarkable moments and situations.

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Rebekah Banks

This series of charcoals is the last in the Batman series. Before, Batman was a solitary figure. Now he returns with a companion, albeit in the form of an enemy. The generations of the past have left the world in a damaged state and it falls to children to grow up as heroes. What starts as play becomes preparation for the worst. Now that they’ve begun, these boys will never be able to stop being superheroes.

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Patrick Willems

I am interested in exploring the urban environments in which we live. The photographs I take isolate images from their surroundings. This leads to an element of abstractions. The colours of the images are adjusted which continue to push them further into the abstract which results in the images in the exhibition.

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