GEYER 2013 - Lake palace in amber India copy

Landscape & Memory

Zoe Geyer & Miguel Robertson

Galleries 1 & 2

23 October - 10 November 2013

Opening Wednesday 23 October, 6.30-8pm

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Landscape and Memory proposes to question our perceptions of what is real and the role of interpretation in our viewing. The artists present a series of works that appear to be real landscapes or environments. These landscapes are however filtered through subjected memory, foreign mediums or abstraction to create a distortion of the reality we know; resulting in a representation that is otherworldly, neither imagined nor reality.

Zoë Geyer has worked extensively with etching in recent years, investigating concepts of personal memory and associations, in relation to explorations of untamed landscape. Her work is semi-autobiographical, as the scenes she depicts are abstracted from remote travels in South America, New Zealand and Australia. Her work describes the wild, intangible and otherworldly beauty of landscape. Zoë Geyer is also an award-winning architect in a design-intensive practice based in Melbourne.

Miguel Robertson is an obsessive artist habitually producing work on a daily basis. With a background in visual arts, he pursued a 4 year career as a concept artist in animation and 3D modelling working in the Games Development industry, with an additional 2 years prior as a multimedia artist and animator. His work spans the physical and virtual worlds, however he specialises in pen and ink along with digital illustration.

Miguel’s work explores the notion of what is ‘real’, by using traditional artistic techniques and medium to depict virtual or fictional realities, or alternately creating photo-realistic paintings using digital tools. As such, he touches on the contemporary issue of societal disassociation, the fantasy world, and the truth that exists in the act of perception.