MAZZONE 2013 - BuildingSite_5

It could be beautiful – in an anxious, utopian way...

Olivia Mazzone

The Project Space
21 August - 8 September 2013

Opening Wednesday 21 August, 6.30-8pm

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These works stem from an obsession with cities and the infrastructure that continually shadows it.

I often tear up or layer prints and use different imagery to create imagined cityscapes unrestricted by limits or logicality. I am inspired by familiar places to me as well as the overwhelming experience of encountering new places, and this is often a starting point of my work to create imagery of landmarks, totems or quirks that define each city.

This definition is lost upon altering this imagery by ripping, overlapping and using other methods to create a new and paradoxical city, partly as a means of keeping these places both permanent and completely ephemeral. By reordering and dismantling cities into an undefinable place, it creates an uneasiness of the unknown as it becomes a constructed place and no longer relates to anything but itself – a kind of imperfect utopia.