CS 17

Stored Energy

Clive Stratford

Gallery 5
11 - 29 September 2013

Opening Wednesday 11 September, 6.30-8pm

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"My current exhibition came about as a result of a discovery, of sorts! In 1989, I left Australia for Italy, not knowing exactly what I expected to find there, nor how long I would end-up staying. In the event, I stayed five years and found much more than I have the space here to describe. This is the background to the aforementioned 'discovery': prior to leaving for Italy, I had stored a number of pictures under my mother's house and only rediscovered them on my return to Melbourne, via Italy, Sydney and Far North Queensland - about 10 years ago.

 On dragging them out into the light and dusting them off, I realised that, actually, they weren't too bad at all and decided to show them, as it happens, at Tacit Contemporary Art. These paintings are part of a long series I was working on at that time, in the mid-1980s. They are very different from what I do today which, while still being abstract to some degree or another, are hard-edge and have a definite basis in colour. The pictures in this exhibition generally do not have 'clue' titles, merely identifier ones such as
Red, Grey, White. This is because it is hoped that the images will be considered as they are, as objects in their own right and not as references to something outside what you can see on the canvas."

Clive Stratford, August, 2013