Bailey_Jerry's Milkbar_ 61 x 76cm_Mixed media on canvas

Urban Detail

Pauline Bailey

Galleries 1 & 2
19 March - 7 April 2013

Opening Tuesday 19 March, 6.30-8pm

Exhibition to be opened by Steve Lucas

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“My current body of work is focused on Melbourne and surrounding suburbs where I grew up. I relate very strongly to the urban scene which is still very much a part of my life. Although based in the country, I am drawn back to my early years of growing up in Melbourne and I find the ever changing urban landscape of great interest.

St. Kilda, Fitzroy and the CBD are favourite places and provide me with endless inspiration and source material. The music scene is also a recurring theme throughout my work and my main objective is to capture the feel of a particular place or venue; anywhere that is visually appealing or holds a particular memory, I find interesting. Pubs, shopfronts, decrepit buildings, laneways, railway stations – all the places that make Melbourne unique and tell a story. My aim is to represent the rhythm of the city and the gritty feel of the street, to give the viewer an insight into that space whilst also providing a narrative.

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Some of my subjects are well known icons but others that are not so familiar are just as interesting to me. The deterioration and decay of some of these buildings makes them unique and gives them their own personalities. For this reason colour and texture are very important elements in my work. I have explored many different techniques to arrive at my own style. With a strong emphasis on detail, I use acrylics alongside a variety of media including charcoal, pastel and collage to build up the surface to reflect the subjects which are also often built up of many different layers.

This exhibition has allowed me to explore my passion for the urban environment and to capture the diversity of Melbourne and its vibrant culture.”

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