Connection  103 x 92 cms 2012. acrylic on canvas

With Josef Albers In Mind

Sarah Trethowan

Gallery 4
22 May - 9 June 2013

Opening Wednesday 22 May, 6.30-8pm
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"I'm interested in abstract painting. I've been reducing and simplifying my images for several years.

I'm fascinated by the power of colour and how it can speak to the viewer. I like pictures that are ordered, that have structure. I aim to suggest tranquillity as well as movement. My ideas are sparked by geometry, by nature and by man made symbols."

Josef Albers was a German-born artist who, in spite of being trained as a painter, joined the Weimar Bauhaus in 1922 as a maker of stained glass. He became a Professor in 1925, the year the movement based itself in Dessau. With its closure in 1933, Albers moved to the US, where he taught painting at the newly opened art school Black Mountain College in North Carolina until 1949. Students included Rauschenberg, Twombly and Susan Weil.

He left in 1950 to head the Department of Design at Yale, focussing in particular on graphic design.

Accomplished as a designer, photographer, typographer, printmaker and poet, Albers is best remembered for his work as an abstract painter and theorist, his work being underpinned by his theory that colours are governed by an internal and deceptive logic.

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