CROME 2014 - IMAGE #1

logic of solids - light and colour/space and object

Prue Crome

Gallery 1

13 - 24 August 2014

Opening Wednesday 13 August, 6.30-8pm
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"Philosophically my thoughts reside around metaphysical concerns, transience, connectedness and the referential and responsive nature of every action. The proposition for these works is a place to reflect on where natural phenomena and man made structures intersect. To consider how a static line or edge emphatically delivers a resolve or sense of completion yet is the antithesis of the constant movement of all organic organisms.

"Imbedded in these works is my gesture and energy as pigment was pushed, pulled and blended. The process evolved with the initial smaller studies, as tests for pigment application – pulling the oil paint with a squeegee until the paint was depleted, smoothing and rubbing, then layering, as a direct response to action and coloured pigment on canvas. As the scale increased so did the exertion of energy and an immersion in the process. The relationship of the objectness of the small stretched canvases to the large unstretched canvases became more engaging, looking at light, surface, edge and shadow. The layering of pigment attempted to capture the allusive nature of light and the appearance of depth on the thin surface and the seepage of this over the edge of the object. The clinical analysis of the structures was slightly subverted as the perspective and shadows for each object is different, as they reference the artists changing relationship to the object and ground."

Prue Crome
August 2014