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Miniatures on Paper

Lazar Krum

Happy School Project Space

3 - 21 December

Opening Wednesday 3 December, 6.30-8pm

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"My new exhibition Miniatures on Paper covers small works completed in the last decade and selected from three separate series; 20th Century Icons, Lucca Torsos and London Windows.

The 2008 20th Century Icons series continues my interest in the form of personal icons inspired by the disciplined spontaneity of Asian art. In these works, the faces staring out at the viewer from the changing frames of reference aim to communicate a personal iconography, one that challenges the illusion of permanence in our lives.

Working in Lucca and London in the summer of 2010, I produced the Lucca Torso and London Windows series of abstract paper collages.

Inspired by the bold Italian summer light and the memorable view of a tailor’s mannequin through a window, the Lucca Torsos use a variety of windows and portals to frame the essential shape of a human presence in timeless space.

The London Windows explore the uniformity and at the same time the ambiguity of interchangeable window perspectives, allowing the viewer to see the same window differently and challenging what we think we are seeing.

The Miniatures on Paper exhibition explores and celebrates the sacred act of simply looking directly at and engaging more completely in the world around us."

Born in Paris, Lazar Krum was raised and educated in Melbourne, trained at the National Gallery of Victoria Art School and the Victorian College of the Arts. He can count John Brack, Lenton Parr, Murray Walker, Alun Leach-Jones, Guy Stuart and Bea Maddock as just a few of his teachers.

Lazar travelled to and first exhibited in Tel Aviv before settling in London for five years, exhibiting in London, Berlin, Melbourne and Tel Aviv. He returned to Australia and continued to work, raised a family and exhibited in Melbourne and Sydney.