Time Shall Reap what#A85F13


Sally Fitts

Gallery 5

22 July - 9 August 2015

Opening Wednesday 22 July, 6.30-8pm

Grey Spacer2
He hovered just above the earth
In silent contemplation,
He thinks he was not made to die
Resisting divination.

His wish to fly, a fervent hope
Against all induration
Time sows and reaps, then whispers soft
An earthly aspiration.

He circles back, an acrobat
With cunning deformation
And finds a path he hopes is true;
The artist's affirmation.

The works in this exhibition started with pencil drawings of an empty coat in an equally empty landscape, symbolically referencing our human journey. We arrive here alone and we must leave alone.

Wings and feathers appear, creating a level of metaphysical possibility, transcendence from the seemingly inevitable, the chance that things can be different.

The drawings begin figuratively, and using torn-paper collage, liquid pencil and indigo pigment, they move towards abstraction.

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