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From the Basalt Plains to the Limestone Coast

Kate Gorringe-Smith, Monique Keel, Raelene Mibus & Diana Wiseman

Gallery 4

3 - 21 August 2016

Opening Wednesday 3 August, 6.30-8pm

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The Limestone Coast stretches from south of Adelaide down the coast from the Coorong National Park to the Victorian border. The Victorian volcanic plains occur in the south-west of Victoria and end at Yarra Bend, covering more than 10% of the state.

In this exhibition, four artists - Kate Gorringe-Smith and Monique Keel from Melbourne, Raelene Mibus from Portland and Diana Wiseman from Mount Gambier - explore different aspects of their unique local environments.

Each approach their work and subject differently.

Diana works intuitively with space, colour, mark making, textures and memories in response to the landscape of South Australia where she has lived for 30 years.

Raelene’s work reflects and develops ideas inspired by the Western Victorian Volcanic Plain and its epic uplifted escarpments, relic volcanos, remains of inland seas and ancient coastlines.

Meanwhile, alongside the natural environment, Kate intuits the impact of man - traditional owners preserved the grassy plains’ biodiversity through fire-stick farming: European settlers farmed the plains, pushing the delicate grassland system to the edge of extinction. Small remnants exist in areas such as railroad sidings, roadsides and graveyards where ‘benign neglect’ allowed the species of the grassy plains to maintain their existence.

Last, but not least, Monique is a printmaker whose work addresses local and global environmental issues. The work addresses the fragility of the natural world whilst reflecting on the built environment. Yarra Bend is a beautiful and peaceful natural environment within a highly built up area of Melbourne only a few minutes walk from Tacit. Its flora and fauna are diverse and prized by Melbournians, and yet under constant threat from feral animals, weeds and humans.

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