mj Going Somewhere. 60.8 x 59.8cm. coloured pencil 2018

Making Space

Prue Cleland

Wednesday 1 May - Sunday 26 May 2019

Opening Wednesday 1 May, 6.30-8pm

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Prue Cleland's drawings are created by working coloured pencil in overlapping layers of line, colour and form to produce intriguing semi-abstract images that are often reminiscent of the textures and detail found in the environment. They also offer the suggestion of a wistful personal narrative that is evocative rather than explicit. Each drawing begins without a predetermined design, The structure and content is conscripted from her preoccupations and interests at the time, which can be as layered as the drawing itself. The work is also a celebration of the extraordinary versatility of coloured pencil drawing as a primary fine art medium.

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