Lesley Dickman

Wednesday 29 May - Sunday 23 June 2019

Opening Wednesday 29 May, 6.30-8pm

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Heartbeat grew out of a fascination with figures in motion, the love of dance and finding a connection or a feel for the materials used.

Developing a concept through feeling your way into a creative process combines the experience of struggle and compromise, invention and letting go before finally reaching the satisfaction of knowing that you have reached a point of resolution. At certain times, courage is needed to let the materials lead, to surrender to them and let the form emerge and present itself. The Chinese artist Hsu Hang–Hsu said: “Sometimes we artists see too much with our eyes.” He prefers to feel his way into his works. Forgetting tools, he uses his body to shape the clay, kneading, pressing, twisting, folding, and layering.

The idea of merging and feeling at one with the materials and concept is worthy of consideration when striving to achieve a balance between the inner and outer. In the making of Heartbeat, striving for that intangible balance between concept, medium and heartfelt feeling became an exciting aspect of the work.

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