SQ David Mcleod 'Street With Rainbow' (2018) oil on canvas 51 x 76cm.

David McLeod


Wednesday 18 September - Sunday 13 October 2019

Opening Wednesday 18 September, 6.30-8pm
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Looking into David McLeod’s paintings is looking into place. In this exhibition of new works, Hinterland takes us on McLeod’s travels from rural Victoria to the Cornish coast of England, pausing in various places to sit and watch the changing state of many old buildings, streets and towns. Removed and quiet or rusting and rotting, these locations are not often a destination in themselves, but the places that we pass along the way.

‘Hinter’ is derived from the German word for ‘behind’. In English, hinterland technically refers to the land beyond and away from the coast or river. But McLeod works with a more poetic interpretation; that of ‘an area or era beyond what is known’. In this exhibition, pleasant scenery asks us to pause and enjoy. But stay a little and ‘Hinterland’ holds us in an ambiguous sense of time; one that is both past and present. Spend even longer and we learn that hidden amongst this body of work is a slow and subtle critique of the ever-changing value toward Anglo/Federation heritage. This is articulated not only in terms of the buildings or towns as objects in themselves, but what their decline or abandonment say about our way of life and, ultimately, how our social values have changed.

Opening two paragraphs from the catalogue essay by Charlotte Watson accompanying the exhibition Hinterland.

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