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Sharman Feinberg

Thursday 9 November - Sunday 17 December 2017

Opening Thursday 9 November, 6.30-8pm

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Eyes are the windows of the soul and windows are the eyes of its dwelling place.

Windows reflect ourselves. Windows make us look beyond ourselves. Windows are a bridge to the world beyond. Windows are in-between security and the unknown. Windows are a prison or a means of escape. Windows let in the fresh air or keep in the warmth.

The window gives me a frame to shape my still life compositions around and to frame views of the outside world. Over the centuries, windows have evolved from simple stone niches to complicated multi-paned glass apertures. They add another layer of pattern to my compositions and provide the light and shade that gives drama to a painting.

Looking at the window paintings by Matisse, Bonnard and Dufy, I see how they endlessly incorporated them into their compositions. I have just begun

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