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Sally Fitts

Wednesday 25 April - Sunday 20 May 2018

Opening Wednesday 25 April, 6.30-8pm

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“We shared a moment
The fox and I

This is how it was
She looked up and knew me
We made a deal:

You draw me and I’ll teach you

How to be silent, to step lightly
How the earth smells
The taste of blood
The scent of a chicken
Soft skin of a lamb
What it means to be small and hungry

What is carried on the wind
What is danger, what is not

How to wear a fur coat
As if it belongs

These fox paintings and drawings were created as a pleasant diversion from serious endeavour! But, as is the way of art, each one became a puzzle to be solved. I have enjoyed working with layers and color and collage, making images that are both real and unreal.” Sally Fitts, April 2018

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