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Local Lonely Girls

Ren Gregorcic

Wednesday 9 May - Sunday 3 June 2018

Opening Wednesday 9 May, 6.30-8pm

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Local Lonely Girls is an exhibition of hi dear, you’re lucky and super sexy that explore the broad range of issues around agency, representation and sexuality that spam emails offering ‘adult’ content propose. Their enforcement of masculine, dominating, heteronormative narratives is also questioned; is exploitative heterosexuality the default position of human sexuality? Do heterosexual men want women to be ‘hot’, ‘lonely’, passive Asian and Eastern European ‘beauties’? What if this isn’t what you’re attracted to? What are the effects of the problematisation of same-sex desire that these emails represent? Would we want these emails to be inclusive?

Ren Gregorčič is an emerging Southwest Victorian-based, Australian artist and curator working in the field of contemporary sculpture and spatial practice.

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