Editions 2021

Annual print exhibition

Wednesday 27 January - Saturday 13 March 2021

(Image: Cat Poljski, Shifting Surface, 2020: etching on canvas)

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It's all a somewhat challenging time but below represents Tacit Galleries' current thoughts regarding Editions 2021 (knowing full well that with so much uncertainty, things may change).

Deadlines remain as 1 December. Many of you know there is some flexibility with this but we still feel it's an important cut off point to allow arrangements for printing and framing - particularly in light of the change of dates as outlined below.

With an awareness of the likelihood of continued restrictions for mass gatherings as well as any personal concerns regarding crowds, we have decided to extend the dates of the ninth Editions and return to a 3-week exhibition period. Thus the dates are Wednesday 27 January - Saturday 13 February 2021.

There are a number of factors we took into account:

  • A longer time frame will provide more opportunities to attend the exhibition and put less emphasis on any launch.
  • The structure of any launch needs to be determined but needs to take into account the days of 500+ for Tacit opening nights are a thing of the past, at least in the foreseeable future.
  • To bring the exhibition forward a week on previous years. With so many closures and restrictions in 2020, we believe there will be less of an extended summer break next year.
  • Exhibition to officially close at 5pm on the final Saturday (this will be the case of every Tacit exhibition) with bump out and collection on the Sunday (alongside bump-in for the following series of exhibitions). This is a 'cleaner' end to exhibitions and avoids last minute attendees seeing only a part of an exhibition on the final Sunday.
  • Due to the uncertainties, we have made the decision not to invite a Featured Artist - although this may change.
Most of the 'conditions' remain unchanged from previous years:
  • 3 to 5 works per artist from one suite of work with a single narrative (it's not a showcase of each artist's art practice. Note we're more than happy to accept more than five works for consideration).
  • No size restrictions; all works to be framed unless framing is not part of the aesthetic of the work (and note - no IKEA frames). Where multiples of work are selected, frames should reflect the singular narrative (ie not 3 works, 3 different style/coloured frames).
  • All works must be for sale.
  • Work should be from the last two years (ie date stamped 2019, 2020 or 2021).
  • In terms of deadline for submissions, we will accept sketches, working drawings or bon á tirer proofs on the provision of printing in time for the exhibition itself.
  • A fee of $100 is payable on acceptance and 30% commission on all sales is charged. Fees are NOT charged for submission.

One fundamental change from last year is that we have moved out of Gipps St and have taken over two buildings in Johnston St, Collingwood where there will be seven galleries. Five are to be found at 191-193 Johnston St whilst a further two are located at Level 1, 189 Johnston St. Both are on the corners of Johnston St and Francis St and less than 100 metres from Hoddle St. Whilst the premises are smaller than Gipps St, we're particularly excited by the fact there are more than 12 metres of street-frontage windows facing out onto busy Johnston St.

Send submissions to keith@tacitart.com.au. They do not need in the first instance to be Hi-Res jpgs - that comes later. Phone images are fine as long as a decision of quality etc can be made.
More than happy to discuss submission - if in doubt, ask questions.