Graham McKenzie, 1943 - 2019

It's with great sadness to report artist Graham McKenzie, who has been battling cancer, passed away in the early hours of Sunday 1 December 2019.

He'd been a friend since he first walked into Tacit on Johnston St in late 2013 and many a long talk was had about art, wine, food, London, the outback. Graham had 5 solo exhibitions with us - his first in April 2014 (memoria regionis) and including one of the first in Gipps St (Rocks & River, Sept 2017) and his last, Coastlines, in July 2018. (Graham was also scheduled for a solo in mid-2020).

"Most of McKenzie’s exhibitions have been inspired by his past and present experiences of the visual power of the landscape ... [and his work] has developed through his continual desire to explore new ideas and thoughts. The natural elements of light, colour, form and relationships are paramount, as is the spontaneous emotional reactions and perceptions when first encountering the location of the subject he is to paint. But as intensity of light oscillates, landscapes change according to season, hues vary, so McKenzie continues not to paint beautiful representations of time or place, but rather explain that beauty is an open interpretation." Coastlines catalogue essay by Keith Lawrence

RIP Graham - you will be missed.

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